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We aim to exploit the growth of private equity globally to generate superior returns to the quoted markets. We are contrarian, patient and aggressive investors focused on non-linear innovation leading to tomorrow’s category leaders.

We view the management teams in the companies we back as partners; our investment can’t just be measured in numbers. It’s a whole-hearted professional commitment to strengthen a business. We combine a deep understanding of the fundamental drivers of global private markets with the ability to identify, evaluate and access high quality funds and co-investment opportunities, with the aim of generating strong absolute returns.

We take a very active and responsive approach, engaging with all the relevant issues. We make our own investment decisions and the same team you first meet will give you the benefit of their expertise all the way through to the point of exit.

In recent years our portfolio has broadened considerably, most notably into Continental Europe and Asia where we have benefited from the expansion of the use of private equity to finance the growth of smaller and medium-sized companies. We seek to unlock value from unquoted companies and the venture capital sector and are well diversified by industry, geography and stage of investment.

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