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We want to back innovative companies in technology or technology enabled business sectors, with substantial potential for growth.

Sector focus: 
IT, healthcare and energy.

Geographic focus: 
Primarily UK-based with international markets.

We invest from £1 to £10m of growth equity and venture capital either as sole or lead investor.

Sector focus: 
We can source additional investment from our limited partners, increasing our deal capacity.

Growth equity: 
To meet our growth equity criteria, companies should have substantial and rapidly growing revenues of at least £5 million; be at, or close to, profitability; have low residual technology risk; be targeting a large and attractive market; and have a high calibre, entrepreneurial management team.

Venture capital: 
We can also provide venture capital for companies with a capital efficient business model, strong differentiation and competitive advantage, a scalable business and a product that has been commercially validated.

Our thorough investment decision-making procedures: 
We carry out informed evaluation of each investment opportunity so that we understand the challenges and risks in the business and, ultimately, add the most value when we do invest. The valuation reflects the underlying risks but also the potential for returns We give detailed consideration to deal pricing and investment terms and, although we are commercial, we always aim to be fair and transparent. Our significant experience is reflected in our approach. We also have short internal approval processes, so that we can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

We view the management teams in the companies we back as partners; our investment canít just be measured in numbers. Itís a whole-hearted professional commitment to strengthen a business. We combine a deep understanding of the fundamental drivers of global private markets with the ability to identify, evaluate and access high quality funds and co-investment opportunities, with the aim of generating strong absolute returns. We take a very active and responsive approach, engaging with all the relevant issues. We make our own investment decisions and the same team you first meet will give you the benefit of their expertise all the way through to the point of exit.

In recent years our portfolio has broadened considerably, most notably into Continental Europe and Asia where we have benefited from the expansion of the use of private equity to finance the growth of smaller and medium-sized companies. We seek to unlock value from unquoted companies and the venture capital sector and are well diversified by industry, geography and stage of investment.

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